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A holistic approach to education with expert tutelage, creative freedom and inspiring innovation is the key to molding our students from core to advanced knowledge, thereby adhering to our school motto : "Rooted in knowledge". We encourage an interactive student teacher classroom environment to fuel the student's curiosity and enhance self discovery. We also firmly believe in inculcating intellectual awareness, cultural diversity and a sense of responsibility towards the community, in our student's mind.


It is of utmost importance for us as mentors, to empower and expose every young mind with the ocean of possibilities and the diligence needed to achieve them. The school is focused to instill in them that every challenge is worth it and one must work with compassion to overcome apprehension and fear to achieve their goals. The school wishes every child discovers their true potential and builds a better tomorrow for our community.

About Us

Director’s desk 

It gives us immense pleasure and a sense of pride to be a part of the noble mission - of imparting quality education to children from all sections of society without prejudice and without discrimination of any kind. FELLOWSHIP MISSION SCHOOL, VAPI - a name that needs no introduction in the field of quality education, which translate into easy access to better education for more and more children in and around Vapi.


We have a talented, dedicated, caring team of staff, who works very hard to ensure that the abilities of the children in our care are nurtured and carefully developed. We value every child and strongly believe that every child can be an achiever.


We act on children's views to make our school a place that children value and those they want to come to. Our best wishes to all those working towards making quality education all pervasive for a better tomorrow. With Warm Regards Julie Mathew 


Principal’s Desk 

Everybody is a Genius, But If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. - Albert Einstein.

lt is my privilege to welcome you to FELLOWSHIP MISSION SCHOOL, VAPI.It will be my endeavor to ensure that every child who walks in will walk out one day as a holistic and responsible citizen of the world.

The state of the art infrastructure coupled with the intrinsic FMS ethos and philosophy will be ably supported by a trained and qualified team of Educators, who will make the learning journey at FMS not just a memorable one for all, but also a meaningful and fruitful one.


The unique individuality of the child will be nurtured and supported by our sensitive, committed and compassionate team to ensure that every child gets equal opportunity to follow his or her dream and blossom into an individual that brings pride to the school, the family and the nation.


As equal stakeholders in the children's journey through school, | humbly request all parents to join hands with the school to make this dream a reality. Let us work together to provide our children with every possible opportunity so that they are encouraged to reach great heights of success, both in their professional and personal areas of interest.
With best wishes
Sunita Rajput 


Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential so that they can make their best contribution to the society.
We want our children to be equipped with:-
⦁    A set of moral values - honesty, integrity and good judgment 
⦁    A complement of basic skills - linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social 
⦁    An inquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge 
⦁    Strong self esteem and high personal expectation 
⦁    Tolerance and respect for others 

Core Values

I am extremely happy with the school and teachers of the school. As a parent, I always think that school should be a place where you can learn basic education and good values. The school does justice to the education system. Every year FMS brings out new changes & developments in school, whether it is sports or studies. This is a positive thing I have seen about FMS. I am a proud and satisfied parent.
Aleena Geevarghese Grade 7 


It has been 13 years I am a part of FMS family and I could not be more grateful enough to join my kids in this authentic institution. Studies or activities, FMS has left no stone unturned. I wish FMS reaches greater heights. Thank you.
Parent of Sakshyam and Sameeksha Pati. 


My experience about Fellowship Mission School is pretty good. As a parent I have found staff particularly teachers very friendly and approachable. My children are very happy, the teaching staff is very good at nurturing and developing the children academic skills as well as social interaction. The most appreciable is the excellent work done by the leadership team and the staff efforts for keeping students fully updated. A big applause and thank you to FMS staff and teachers. Keep it up ! You guys are so welcoming! 
Parent of Aditya Sharma Grade 12 

Parents Speak

I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers as well as staff at Fellowship Mission School for the hardwork, dedication and perseverance years after years. The influence of teachers can never be erased from the hearts and minds of our kids. The teachers at FMS are amazing and great motivator. The school has always been very supportive and plays a vital role in building the best in every kid. In this pandemic, we never felt that the kids were ideal at home...the school made an effort for online classes and infact we as a parent have build a great bond with school. Once again Thank-you to each and every person at FMS.
Parent of Yuvraj Malla Mont-3 


Online Classes - The New Trend of Education taught by an unseen virus. Inspite of the hazards of this Pandemic, children are still studious proving that nothing could stop educating them. As a Parent I thank FMS Management for promoting their Education through online classes and keeping them updated. Amidst these hardships the efforts taken by the teachers is appreciable. Thanks to FMS management once again to fight and let s work together to overcome these hazards. 


Fellowship Mission School, Vapi has lived upto our expectations in all fields academics, sports, co-curricular activities. Having moved to Vapi from Vadodara, we were skeptical of finding an educational institution that would offer my daughter a competitive environment alongside all round development. Thanks to the dedicated team here, the transition has been pretty smooth for my girl.
Zeba Faisal Mother of Maham Faisal Sr Kg C 


I am very much thankful and appreciate the management of FMS for educating our children through out this epidemic time. I love the way my children enjoy the classes and this is all because of hardworking teachers and Management of FMS. Thank you very much and keep going on.
Parent of Shifa Chaudhary Grade III 


Fellowship Mission School is doing a great Job . Online classes are really helpful for my daughter, Teachers are trying their best to make the students understand each and every chapter clearly. Thank you Principal Madam and the entire team who are putting their best efforts to make online classes a success.
Parent of Dhwani Badgujar Grade III


It is an amazing learning journey for the past 4yrs in FMS, where Teachers dedication and patience has enabled my daughter to receive positive educational experience throughout her primary school. Teachers are an epitome of promoting inclusivity in education. We feel blessed and are sincerely thankful to the school management for giving a supportive platform to our kids.
Parent of Tanushree Malani Grade 5 


I would like to thank the FMS Management for providing highest standard of clean and hygienic environment to stimulate and facilitate learning and ensuring the safety and comfort for each child. A wide range of co-curricular activities are offered to the students for their all-round development. The building has modern architecture with all facilities. The curriculum is very well designed and encourages students to become confident in grooming their personalities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff the very best for a great journey ahead.
Parent of Harshit Mehta Grade 8 


We are highly thankful to you for your efforts to be in touch with the students online. All the PPTs, videos, online classes, online test and worksheets sent by the teachers are so good and informative .It totally reflects the kind of hard work, time and energy that the teachers are putting in for preparing such interactive and informative lessons. Also thanks for the extracurricular activities like craft and Zumba etc not only educative, but also keep the children busy in times of lockdown. My son Amartya is in your esteemed school and he enjoys the interactive lessons sent by the teachers . 
Parent of Amartya Bharti Class 5 A 


FMS is affiliated to CBSE and parents favourite and one of the best schools in Vapi . My son Vihaan Vashi is studying here and is doing very well in his studies and learning good manners with excellent performance. The Management, Principal and teachers are one of the best Principals in the city. All the teachers are doing very well to build the lives of the students. From time to time parents meetings, activities and comprehensive work experience classes are conducted in Fms. I suggest all parents to be associated with this school. 
Parent of Vihaan Vashi Grade MontII 

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