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Our School Library

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

The spacious library at FMS is the heart of the campus. Encouraging students to realize the importance of language and literature, the library is the paradise of knowledge where reading is the cornerstone for development of young minds.


The School has also built an Iken lab for students to learn first-hand wonders of science and also train them to build and construct live models. Fostering scientific thinking and reasoning, the lab helps students to move beyond the textbook and promotes learning-by-doing



The Computer Lab is well resourced with high-speed central servers and the latest educational software with adequate security and safety features. Every student has access to a terminal in the lab.



In order to facilitate best learning, we offer smart classrooms using audio-visual methods of engaging students with their lessons. Our smart classes are equipped with latest innovative technology including LCD projectors and Interactive Digital board systems along with computers.



The campus includes 2 auditoriums which caters to over 3000 students and provides the perfect platform for students to exhibit their talent. The Theatre-styled auditorium is of professional standards and motivates students to perform on a grand stage while accustoming them to face the spotlight with confidence.



The school has large, well‐equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology with advance system. Science classes are conducted in the laboratories in a scientific ambience. This modern science equipment cater to the future needs of our growing children.



"Developing both body and mind“
Maths lab has been developed to make the subject more interactive. Through this, Mathematics comes alive and learning becomes a child's play. It allows students to explore mathematical concepts via games, puzzles and other modern teaching aids. In addition to teaching in the lab, students are encouraged to use lab facilities on their own to inculcate in them a spirit of discovery and invention.



Our School has a fleet of buses. A lady attender travels in every bus and disembarks only after the last child is dropped safely. Safety on the road is given paramount importance. The students embark and disembark within the school campus under the vigilance of transport managers and teaching staff. An escort teacher and helping staff accompanies the children in the bus. All the buses are equipped with a medical kit for emergency. In case of a delay due to unforeseen circumstances parents are immediately informed through SMS.



We are committed to instilling the concept of sustainability in our students and staff. Our building too is designed so as to promote students to think green. The vibrant designs and colours inspire students to open their minds to the omnipresent possibilities and opportunities in life. The school also maintains a substantial portion of its campus as green areas, also providing children the opportunity to experience the magnificent and vast variation in trees, plants and herbs. In addition, the school promotes “learning through nature experience” approach as students are encouraged to observe and appreciate greenery and natural environment.

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